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Sahyadri 100 Mile Race

February 8, 2017
This event will begin in Nasik City and end in Thane, Mumbai. The run has 2 categories - 100 miles and 100 kilometers. It will have all facilities of a world-class event like Interactive Social media, Hydration & Nutrition Support for 36 Hours, online tracking with best of 50 runners across the country.
The cause of the event is to run for Police Welfare, to create awareness about the difficult conditions in which the Police & Traffic departments serve the public. We are also looking to raise funds for the cause.

Category : Sports
Date : 18-19 Jan 2017
Venue :Nasik to Thane, Maharashtra
Curated by : JointsnMotion

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Race Categories

Gender: Men / Women
Age: 35 - 50 years / 50+ years
Races: 100 km / 100 mile


Entry for this international race is limited to 50 participants. Please fill the eligibility form below and we will get in touch with you

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